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Lyrics to All Bad by Justin Bieber

[Verse 1]
It's another, if it ain't one thing
Instigators, like putting fire on propane
The wrong thing, they be worrying about
Ooh you know females
And how they like to run they mouths
Wanna be, wanna be just like talk like, you
Like you, you, like you
Misery, misery loves company
Don't let 'em change your mood

They try to get at me, they try to get at me
Behind your back, your back, your back, your back
They try to tell me that I'm just like the others
That I ain't all bad
No, no I ain't all bad
All bad, all bad
I ain't that bad, all bad all bad
I might make you mad
So mad, my bad
No I ain't all bad

[Verse 2]
Between us, they wanna come in
Worst enemy, so they try to be your best friend
Perfect - ain't saying that I am
Proven, at least I've proven that I give a damn
Wanna be, wanna be everything I oughtta be to you to you, to you
Envy, envy
Same thing as jealousy
Jealous of you
That's what they do


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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
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