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Lyrics to Blue Skies by Jamiroquai

So these are the figurines
acting out all the scenes before my eyes
I thought I knew them all by name
But they started looking much the same
And it's no surprise

But I don't'wanna listen
Too much
How can I give up on all the days I know I've won
There's nothing but rainbows
I believe in the shadows

now honey
Thought I might Be dropping out
But now i am gonna work it out
I am gonna work with me
I am Runnin' like it .....looser
Then Im Rolling Like sea Rusty Ship On A Stormy Sea

You know that people are saying
strange things

Talk to the hand 'cause i know you think the face is gone

I don't wanna listen
Too much
I'm not gonna give up on all the days I know I've won
There's nothing but blue sky
There's nothing but blue sky

Nothings gonna stop me now
I am skimming like a skipping stone on a silver lake
I take it when the chips are down
But to play the perfect happy clown
You gotta make a mistake (gotta make mistakes)

People are saying
Strange things
And I don't'wanna listen (I don't wanna listen)
Too much yeah

Nothing but blue sky
Blue Sky

How can I tell you I Know this wont Be the last Song
i don't wanna listen /(I don't wanna listen)
too much
Not gonna give up on the days I know I've won

Thats where I am going
'cause there is nothing nothing but blue sky
Thats where I am going
Nothing but
Rainbows falling down on me ...uh yeah heyyy

Nothing but blue sky
Can't you see
That's where I am going
Got to believe me
That's where I am going

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