Music Video: Flo Rida - Adios, Goodnight ft. Brisco, Billy Blue & Jase

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Lyrics to Adios, Goodnight by Flo Rida ft. Brisco, Billy Blue & Jase

Adios, Goodnight
your times up
say goodbye

you know we make em say dammit
when they see that new mclaren and
the big whips parked outside
time to take the game over
to the little lane ****as take your ass to the back of the line


hmm... i think about it nobody deserves a hi, a hey
no sometimes i fall in love i cant be touched it wasn't lust
i payed enough i know whats up my shows a buck fifty
my doughs go up im really the only one with a sixty two
in my city placs everywhere call your dentist
mr. do it big pop thighs
come get your spin it in people's magazine to tha buy
imma get the women i dont have to lie. lets the f i dont fly missin
Poe Boy not the sandwhich but the souths religion
folks died over this, we got a brother in prison
so what i hustled to get it, its any beef you can get it
the blue-print of the business listed for a small percentage
hmm...shut the **** up and listen. ok i know your not my dog
but ima get you a biscuit. turnin tricks rule hard you should hang
with the bitches. this is the realest verse i ever talked so all you gonna
hear is crickets...


hey, its back to business the women make me more ignorant
some say damn that boys just shy and me to say damn that poy boy grind
guess who was that, the homie that you been waitin' on
24 settin' on him, movie boy made it on him, 67 inch bag made back laid back
all black with my stick it in the throat like way back
still G ko V no billy blue green for the money to long
and the team to strong G full bud the law I can do no wrong
No Miami, east west side fly blowing biggie on the west side
anytime you need to see the culture i am the bomb like a
televin soldier.


just long way versace, gotta kill, miami had all for teal
lufa cambell, **** get bammed in the U.S
home of the get high, home of the key press
it's only home on montana, panoramic glass on the benz
with the camera, the big bed of nails, i hit her with the hammer
if this be the scale, the yellow tailed snapper.
son like mahi, mark jailed dupa
good 99 wispers the shooter, flat with the ruler
ill be the teacher, brisc you down where them haters can't reach ya
20 for the feature 10 for the deal, took the trick playas
do it for the kids, cold like a fridge, hot like lava
on these backwoods, pulling on them string da da's


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