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Lyrics to Basic Instinct (U Got Me) by Ciara

Basic instinct (U got me)

U got me
See I was out by a channel bad
While I was doing that u turned up your swag, u got me
Yup, call me slippin forget your hustle on, shottie I ain't trippin
I been in the game since soul three
You can try but you still can do it like me
I hate it when they talk about me
but I love it when they talk about me

I got a lil too prissy, I did it expect y'all twisted tryna get me
But Imma leave that you get gone out right y'all block
I need y'all seat back
See I was under rate copped when I shoulda been in the studio lay it down hot chick
Matter than a mother****er, I can lie a bitch better than mother****er
Better than a mother****er, been up all night like UPS trucker
Back up on my job, I'm back up in the track
Shottie give me that

Back in my corsetto, got me taking all these 5 inch stiletto's
Back about my fansome
I'm back up in my jeep, back up in the streets
Hey, hey, I'm all fired up
And tell you aunt for me I'm all wired up
Please no pictures, up of up my twitter
I'm back up on my issue
And when I see the states , I'm a black black dad

I shoulda missle to myself
before I let you in , I shoulda warn myself, tell me I did it again, I should've call myself
before I fell in love with you , but I just pushed myself, that's what lovers do
you knock the pieces of my heart, tired of lovin you in the dark
I wish I coulda see you, when you have plans for me
Fancy clothes and fancy cars
Both have bothered turned into misery
When you don't go
But you basic instinct
But you basic instinct
But you basic instinct
But you basic instinct

Yeah O yeah

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