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Lyrics to Country Roads by Ryan Bingham

Do you really think you know,
Exactly where I stand,
Or did I just let you down,
When you found out I was just a poor man,
I might of took a few wrong turns,
Down a few wrong roads,
Wound up in a few wrong towns,
Where nobody cares or goes.

It ain't that I can't see,
Or find my way home,
It's just that I like to breath,
Out on country roads.

I've never been much on down town,
Or cared for a place to stay,
I know I'll never wear a crown,
I'll never be a king of slaves,
Wash my hands in the rain,
I've spent my time with the whiskey,
I'll never give up on change,
Or give a **** if you will ever miss me.

Chorus: repeat

I know I'll never stick around.
I'll never lose track of time,
Or worry about a little old town,
Or what I might of left behind,
I'll just let the sun shine down,
I'll just let them big wheels roll,
Keep on running around,
Them old country roads.

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Ryan Bingham
Ryan Bingham
The music video for Ryan Bingham's single Country Roads has already been viewed 7,938 times since it was posted on Friday, October 30, 2009. The video belongs to the music genre of Country.

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