Music Video: UnderOath - A Moment Suspended In Time

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Lyrics to A Moment Suspended In Time by UnderOath

Hold captive, I'm a prisoner
In the back room where the water leaks and I'm oh, so cold.
Command me on what to do, but we both know neither you or I are in control.

There's something left for me here.
I'm grabbing on to what's left of this hole, it's all too real this can't be happening.
Never again, ever again, will I say I'm Ok.
I'm scared of the fate that will become mine.

No time to talk, you know the drill.

Under my desk this can't be it.
I'm only dreaming, I've got to be dreaming.
But I can't get up, No time to talk, not this time, this is my place.
This is where I arrange.

It's so funny how we see things so clear when we have no time left to live.

So lay back now and take it in,
I wont say a word, I wont say anything.

I can't believe how it feels.
To stand here in this room,
and feel like it's going to blow.
I think we're all going to blow.

I've got to be dreaming.
We've got to be dreaming.
Please don't wake me up.
This is the end.

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