Music Video: Ice Cube - I Got My Locs On ft. Young Jeezy

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Lyrics to I Got My Locs On by Ice Cube ft. Young Jeezy

i got my locs on
i got my locs on
u cant see my eyes
u cant see my eyes
i got my locs on
i got my locs on
u cant tell im high
u cant tell im high


i got my locs on
welcome to the cherry dome
i got them carrots on givin off them faromones
women love it when they see me on that motocycle
****as hate it cause they know makin more than micheal
been ballin since the word ballin played out
they brought it back to discribe me in that mayback
me and jezzy jezzy rollin wit our locs on
smokin somthin good ****in up the ozone


Young jezzy:
brand new socks ran me a buck fidy
it must of set u back
naw baby not really
shut ur ls ya the choppers just silly
when it bustin at ur ass mean it laughin at u really
i got my locs on ****is on
keep the workin ****as on
keep the cash at vickys home
yea she keep them ****is on
keep my locs on i see u hatin moth****ers
keep my locs on u know they match my black trucka


i got my locs on cause my eyes are burgeny
and when i get home i dont want the 3rd degree
the 3rd to be
urgen me
these ****as want to murbed me
they scared of the consinqinces
comin from my defences
it an't that expensive
have ur ass hopin fences
lucky motha****a missed ur ass by some inches
next time understand what u ****in wit is
legendary status
sittin behind these glasses ****a


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Ice Cube
Ice Cube
The music video for Ice Cube's single I Got My Locs On ft. Young Jeezy has already been viewed 9,748 times since it was posted on Friday, January 23, 2009. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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