Music Video: Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate

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Lyrics to Aesthetics of Hate by Machine Head

You tried to spit in the eye
of a dead man's face
Attacked the ways of a man
not yet in his grave
But your hate was over all too soon
Because nothing is over
and nothing's through
'Til we bury you

For the love of brother
I will sing this ****ing song
Aesthetics of hate
I hope you rot in hell

The words I read on the screen
left me ****ing sick
I felt the hatred rising
you son of a bitch
You branded us pathetic for our respect
But he made us Driven, deep reverence
Far Beyond the rest


Long live memories
Live his freedom vicariously
Defend tenfold,
his honor we'll always uphold

For the love of brother
I will say these ****ing words
No silence against ignorance
Iconoclast, I hope you burn in hell

May the hand of God strike them down

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Machine Head
Machine Head
The music video for Machine Head's single Aesthetics of Hate has already been viewed 13,920 times since it was posted on Monday, May 21, 2007. The video belongs to the music genre of Metal.

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