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Azealia Banks is an icy Medusa that reigns over a kingdom of ice creatures in the official visual for her brand-new single titled, "Ice Princess". The song was written by the 23-year old rapstress together with Kevin James and Jonathan Harris. The slow-tempo track was produced by AraabMuzik and samples 2011 EDM number one hit single "In The Air" by Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard featuring Angela McCluskey. "Ice Princess" is taken from Azealia's debut studio album 'Broke With Expensive Taste', released on November 7, 2014 by Banks herself and Prospect Park via Caroline Records.

The CGI-heavy music video was directed by We Were Monkeys. It depicts cool-as-ice Azealia as the the titular princess whose cryonic realm is threatened by an erupting volcano that starts spitting out hot lava blobs into the air. Adorned with a headdress of icy venomous snakes she leads an army of ice robot soldiers against the volcano. She uses her ice-cold gaze to freeze up the floating blobs of lava and even manages to patch up the the volcanic vent but not for long. The clip ends as our Ice Princess is consumed by multicolored flames.

Get an eyeful of Azealia Banks' visual for "Ice Princess" below. You can also refer to the song lyrics located underneath the video player (helpful for singing along).

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Lyrics to Ice Princess by Azealia Banks

[Verse 1: Azealia Banks]
I’m so cold I’m dripping icicles
I go and take your man that ****a Might miss you
Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear
To stand around me need to have ya winter gear
Pay me coats and benz's and that berg-ice
That’s why I do not feel these bitches, Frostbite
Grown money, ever since a youngin' made my own money
You broke honey, and they call me Banks, cause I can loan money
Colder than December, my diamonds on Anna Wintour
So that’s fly ice in my life
I don’t see no limits so i strive and I shine twice
I ride around and get it, just listen for a minute
That was only one thought let me finish...
Competition Imma beat 'em so relentless
Ima be legendary when I end this
They rise when I arrive in this
“All Hail The Supreme Ice Princess!”
Tell the carriage, hurry up and come and get me
Tell the haters run along you can miss me
Hollywood you can go and A-list me..
I like a shot of hard whiskey..

[Chorus: Angela McCluskey & Azealia Banks]
Feelin' it, I'm feeling a change
I'm feeling it, in the air
I’m feelin' it, I'm feeling a change
I'm feeling it, in the air
So let me in!

[Verse 2: Azealia Banks]
Her motives is frozen
Giving chill pill to them polars
Corrosive, the coldest, city is a tundra
Stay focused, No wonder, - Frigid princess come from
Cold cash and them ice chunks, Stone frost in my Celine pumps
Rolls-Royce, snow white-ups
Colder than December, diamonds on Anna Wintour
These glaciers glamour and glisten
Antarctic, it's like a blizzard, my jargon (is)
“**** you i’m frigid”
Cool it down or get avalanched
Igloo’d cold-cased and bodied
And ice-cubed up in the lobby
Bitch, white fox, peep the opulence…
Ice box the coolest confidence
Isis-Queen, the Icy-Witch
Winterfresh in that whitey-Benz
Shimmering Aphrodite
Winter-wonderland body so frosty in that bugatti
Porcelain-Snowflakin’ Papi , popsicle in ya pocket…
I’m polarizing ya profits
I freeze ‘em, flip ‘em, and rock it
Cocoa a-la mode, who’s frozen from head to toe
Ice-grillin’ the status quo
Cold-killer so now you know

[Chorus: Angela McCluskey & Azealia Banks]

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Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks
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