Video Premiere: The-Dream - That's My Shit ft. T.I.

The-Dream reveals his kinky side in the dark and mysterious visual for T.I.-assisted brand-new single "That's My Shit". The song was written by the 37-year-old R&B singer/producer together with (real name Terius Nash) together with rapper T.I. (real name Clifford Harris Jr.) and Christopher A. Stewart a.k.a. Tricky Stewart. The smooth track was produced by Tricky Stewart and Godz of Analog. "That's My Shit" is taken from The-Dream's upcoming 'Crown' EP, scheduled to be released on March 31, 2015 via his Contra Paris label and Capitol Records.

The opulent music video was directed by Alex Herron and produced by Jay Tauzin. In the clip, steampunk-clothed The-Dream goes to an exclusive party inside of a mansion filled with lingerie-clad female companions with black lace masquerade masks covering up heir eyes, who cater to the needs of high profile men. The-Dream plays a game of dice with T.I. with stacks of cash before spending the rest of the video on a throne.

While you watch the visual for "That's My Shit" below, you can scroll through the lyrics and follow along for a karaoke-like experience.

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Lyrics to That's My Shit by The-Dream ft. T.I.

[Intro: The-Dream]
You try to make her wyle out
I just make her wyle out, wyle out

[Hook: The-Dream]
She don't love you cause if she did
She wouldn't be all on my phone right now like that's my ****
****a she don't love you cause if she did
She wouldn't be all in the club reppin' like she my bitch
****a that's my shit, you can't stand it but that's my shit
Don't need to be dramatic but that's my shit
Let a ****a try to come behind me
She met you while tryna find me
Try to never mind me
Ain't gotta remind me boy that's my shit

[Verse 1: The-Dream]
You tryna make her wyl out, I just make 'em wyl out
I put that **** in your brain, you put that **** in a drought
I make 'em wanna stay, you just make 'em wanna leave
She want me to put a ring on it, but you still wanna be seen
We've been place that you'll never, ever, ever go
I know shit about her that you'll never, ever, ever know
I know how to push that button, trust me I'm just ****in'
And you gone say that you don't care but I know you give a ****

[Hook: The-Dream]

[Verse 2: TI]
I call and she comin', you call, hit the button
Love it when I shove it and I have it all in her stomach
You the type to act "why you ain't call me or nothin'?"
And I wouldn't have that bitch in the mall with me for nothin'
You keep petty conversation
We know two words, orgasm and penetration
Big dawg, ball to the wall, goin' all in
Send her ass back to ya, hope you fall in
Kick it with her ratchet friend, you took all ten of 'em
With ya to the club and got 'em all in, scrub
Bet anything that you would give one day
To know the life a real ****a live one day
Know what it like when ****as **** with you for real for running yay
And can still hit the streets and get a mil in one day
So bet bet, if she met the king
The only thing you could be in the next best thing

[Hook: The-Dream]

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