Video Premiere: Chris Brown - Ayo Explicit ft. Tyga

Chris Brown and Tyga are livin' large in the crazy and colorful visual for their brand-new single "Ayo". The song was written by R&B crooner Chris Brown and Tyga (real name Michael Stevenson) together with Nic Nac (real name Nicholas Balding) and Mark Kragen, who also produced the track. "Ayo" serves as the first single taken from Chris Brown's and Tyga's upcoming joint album 'Fan of a Fan', scheduled to be released by RCA Records on February 24th, 2015.

In the Collin Tilley-directed The music video was directed Collin Tilley and produced by Andrew Listermann of Riveting Entertainment. In the clip, Chris Brown and Tyga try to upstage one another as they flaunt their riches and lavish lifestyles. Chris Brown is seen relaxing on a bed in a pool full of money surrounded by sexy ladies while Tyga is getting a golden toilet installed in his mansion.

Besides their oversized cribs, the duo fills up a car lot with their foreign rides and lots of eye candy. Eventually, they take their competition to the streets as they race their custom made Lamborghinis past an L.A. cop, played by comedian Mike Epps, who's too busy to realize what's going on.

Get an eyeful of Chris Brown's visual for "Ayo" below. You can also refer to the song lyrics located underneath the video player (helpful for singing along).

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Lyrics to Ayo by Chris Brown ft. Tyga

I need you (x8)

[Hook: Chris Brown]
We poppin' like ayo
All my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down
Screaming like ayo
I'mma take her ass down when she bring her friend around
**** ‘em both like ayo
I'm a bougie ass ****a left the roof at home
We popping like ayo, ayo, ayo
But don't be acting like I need you

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Ahhh! Aye babe this my new shit
I'm the black Richie Rich with the roof missing
If it don't make dollars it don't make sense
Z, wake up like I gotta get it
And I got an engine full of trunk space
I get money three ways, ****ing bitches three ways
7 different foreigns plus she no hablé
But I make that bitch walk for some cheesecake
Yeah, I'm the coldest ****a, icy
Looking in the mirror like I wish I can be me
She too into me, I'm more into money
My hobby's her body, that ****'s my lobby
I'mma eat it, I'mma eat it
I don't lie, hope my ****'s, too conceited
Uh, told her she's my wife for the weekend
But don't be acting like I need you cause we poppin' like

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
I'm in a Rolls, you don't roll right
My chain shine brighter than a strobe light
I'm tryna **** Coco, this don't concern Ice
If I motorboat, she gon' motorbike
A ****a ain't worried about nothin'
Rehabilitation just had me worried about ****ing
Money, decision-making only worried about stunting
She worried about me, her ****a worried about cuffing
I wanna see her body (bodyyyy)
She said get inside of me
I wanna feel you baby (yeahhh)
Just bring the animal right out of me
We loving, she love it
Specially when I go down on her
Now we ****ing, she thugging
Getting loud (cause we poppin' like)

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 3: Chris Brown & (Tyga)]
Huh, look, alright
Now I can spot your bitch from a mile away
Valentine in that ****, it's a holiday
(Uh, you losing money, I win mills, Dr. J
She going to follow my lead, Simon Says)
Paper, paper, I'm riding Scrapers in California
Car smelling like ammonia, we got that stank on us
(Never been an outcast that stank on ya
From the ghetto but my bitch like Apollonia)
We in the hood, tatted like a Mexican
Car too fast, give a **** about pedestrians
(And my section less ****as, more lesbians)
Got your bitch, I'm that ****a
(Yeah we poppin' like)

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Outro: Tyga]
This that fly shit, King shit only
Drop top, no roof - ahhh!

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Chris Brown
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