Video Premiere: Future - Mad Luv

Future has dropped an official visual for "Mad Luv". The track was produced by Metro Boomin and DJ Plugg. It is taken from the 31-year-old ATL rapper's "Monster" mixtape, released on October 28, 2014, 3 days before Halloween.

In the Rick Nyce-directed music video Future goes back to his roots. The clip was shot in his hometown Kirkwood, Atlanta a.k.a. Lil Mexico and features cameos by rapper Rae Sremmurd, producer Mike WiLL Made It, and the landmark Centennial Olympic Park statue.

Watch the Mad Luv video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Mad Luv by Future

I Keep a Rollie on with reverse doors
They got mad love for us we getting mad dough
Tryna sabotage a ****a getting cash flow
We don't respect none of you ****as we getting mad dough
They got mad love for us it's gone stay that way
We got mad goons on deck they gone spray that way
Outside ****as infiltrate don't play around don't play with me
Outside ****as come around gone spray em down like firemen

[1st verse]
Whipping the dope like its Anna Mae
Shooting a ****a like John K
Emojo? Emojo? Assassination
Driving a boat on them xans
Po out a four in Japan
Selling that dope out in France
That molly is great with a tan
The Pressy it look like it dance
Diamonds is Mediterranean
This for the ones who abandoned me
My heart is so full of some anger
All of you ****as indicted
Drinking on Texas like I'm a ranger
I wouldn't touch you if I wasn't famous
I be with ? So **** you complaining
Straight off the lot going straight to the jeweler
Straight out the Range and jump right in the Masi
Can't **** with these ****as they shyste
Run in the bank on some robbing shit
Laying you down like a carpenter
We go to clubs and stand on the sofa ****a
I toss it up with all my day one ****as


[2nd verse]
Celine celine baby I got the rings on me like Pippen
Machine machine baby I'm in that foreign machine baby
I put the sting and the ring in Decatur
I put a two and a baby in a Pyrex
Thirty ? Six o's in it
Ima pull up in a rolls ****a
Ima sell me a whole chicken
Ice cubes on me no freezer
Same color as a wife beater
Platinum jewels make the ice cleaner
The actavis make the sprite pinker
That's your bitch Ima bone, me
I got my BM pushing a Beamer
Gotta keep Ms like a ?
Nine millimeter my little ****a
I'm trill to the game baby
I'm true to my gang baby
Keep a tool like a main lady
The bezel so froze cause I represent money
****a smashing on these hoes toasting with my day one ****as


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