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Kid Ink (real name Brian Todd Collins) returns to his roots, which is weed rap, in the official visual for his brand-new single "Blunted". The song serves as the follow-up to the 28-year-old L.A. rapper's latest single "Body Language" featuring R&B crooner Usher and 2014 R&B breakout star Tinashe. The track is taken from Kid Ink's upcoming fourth studio album "Full Speed", scheduled to be released by RCA Records on February 3, 2015.

The music video directed by Dan Centrone and it shows the rapper smoking two blunts at the same time in front of a black backdrop.

Feast your eyes on the visual for "Blunted" and turn up the volume to give the track a proper listen. Read the lyrics below the video player to better understand the song's meaning.

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Lyrics to Blunted by Kid Ink

I got 1.5 for the blunt
Go ahead and pass me a Swisher
Blunted, blunted, blunted, where the blunt at?

[Verse 1]
I got 1.5 for the red eye flight
If you tryna get high bitch just my type
Sittin' in the room full of disco lights
Pair of shades on, I'm the coolest ****a on sight
Tell 'em hide that, where the **** you buy that?
I can't even try that, glad I got my own shit wit me
Catch up, if it's OG match up
But you ain't got a Swisher then we ain't gon' session
This motha****in' weed so sticky
Breakin' this down get ya fingers so messy
You gon' put a hole in the blunt, keep rushin'
Shoulda used a grinder ho, then buzz check it out
You could say I'm an addict
Got a gram of the wax if you need a dab hit
Must keep it in a jar cause these ****as cabbage
What you smoke, 420 is my ****in' average, imagine
Blunted, blunted, know you can smell me comin'
Said blunted, blunted, everybody always like "sell me somethin'"
But this sack cost more than a 20
You can roll one of mine just wrap it like a mummy
Straight top shelf in the store
Stole the connect, now I get it for the low
So you know I got...

1.5 for the blunt
Go ahead and pass me a Swisher
Smoke about a pound in a month
I don't even pay no attention
I got 1.5 for the blunt
Go ahead and pass me a Swisher
Stay blunted, blunted, blunted
Where the blunt at?
Blunted, blunted, where the blunt at?
Blunted, blunted, where the blunt at?
I got 1.5 for the blunt
Go ahead and pass me a Swisher

[Verse 2]
Roll one for the ****as who fronted, for the bitches who want it
Roll one for the money, roll one to the face
That's 4 if you countin', high as a mountain, all for these ounces
Stuck in the middle of the couch with cotton mouth
I need a sip from the fountain
So gone think I left a couple nugs at ya crib
Make sure you hit a ****a when you found 'em
Blunted, blunted, me and my ****as treat weed like money
Said blunted, blunted, if I smell another seed I'm runnin'
Said, no sticks, takin' shots while you hittin' bricks
Know I got the juice and you ****as nowhere in the mix
Be consistent, what you smoke hit or miss
I roll up OG every intermish
O-OG, make a motha****a OD
Hit ya body like morphine, army
Babysittin' the blunt, I'll get you a car seat
**** what it cost me, these dividends is all goin' to the medicine
It ain't one of the 7 sins, rollin' with these 7 grams
Sorry baby if there's weed hangin' out the end
But its...


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Kid Ink
Kid Ink
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