Video Premiere: INSATIA - Image of Stone

INSATIA is a melodic gothic metal band with female vocals in the tradition of power metal bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation. The group currently consists of lead vocalist Zoë Federoff, lead guitarist Jeff Swanson, drummer Seth Booze, rhythm guitarist Ed Novotny and bassist Roland Tyler.

"Image of Stone" was written by INSATIA's frontwoman Zoë Federoff and serves as the lead single from the band's debut album 'Asylum Denied', released on December 3, 2013 on iTunes. With its soothing almost meditative sound and angelic vocals, Zoë, a recovered anorexia patient herself, hopes to raise awareness and convey the importance of self-acceptance and encourage a healthy body image. In Zoë's own words: "I wrote and released this song and video as a single for National Eating Disorders Awareness week 2014. As a recovered anorexia patient, I hope to spend my life helping fight mirrors and celebrating beauty in all it's variety."

The music video was directed, photographed and edited by David Icely. It features the band performing the song in the woods. The clip is interspersed with footage of the lead singer facing her own bodily imperfections as seen in the mirror, which she later breaks with a piece of rock.

Watch the Image of Stone video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Image of Stone by INSATIA

A shattered mirror and broken shards of cruelty
When you ceased to comprehend reality
Can I write you off as the dead and gone
Or will hope rewrite your song?

Create yourself as an image of stone
Porcelain perfection so dead and cold
Your dreams unrealized in your deadened eyes
Could you still awake
Or are you frozen in time?

I wish I could save you from what you've become
But you've chosen your mask
I'd give anything to shatter the lies
But they're all that's left of you

You're not alive enough to cry
My once upon a time
And now I know by your own choice
You're truly blind

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