Video Premiere: YG - Bicken Back Being Bool Explicit

YG takes us through a typical day in the hood in the official visual for "Bicken Back Being Bool", from the Compton rapper's debut studio album 'My Krazy Life', released on released on March 18th, 2014.

The Alex Nazari-directed music video captures YG and his homies enjoying life and playing dominoes in Bompton, Balifornia all hell breaks loose ending in multiple arrests by the police.

Watch the Bicken Back Being Bool video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Bicken Back Being Bool by YG

I'm just bicken back being bool
I'm just bicken back being bool
I'm just bicken back being bool
I'm just bicken back being bool
I'm just bicken back, bicken back, bicken back, bicken back being bool
I'm just bicken back, bicken back, bicken back, bicken back being bool

[Verse 1]
Pull up on the block like what
**** the police, ****as better call the SWAT
I ain't never played with the pot
I was in your house trying to find a spot to extend my knots
I went to jail for a flock, came home with a strike
You went to jail as a bitch, came home as a dyke
****a, yikes! I don't play that shit
Wifey like SEGA, I don't play that bitch
I’m a real Bompton ****a with a mother****ing attitude
Walk up in the spot, you would think that a ****a mad at you
I was on the block chilling, homies, what's the mission?
Came back in a quickness, hoping there wasn't no witness
And they came back shooting, my homies went back shooting
Ain’t nobody hittin' nothing, man this shit getting stupid
And my homies with the news so they grabbed that tool
This all started from a day of ****as bicken back being bool


[Verse 2]
Verse 2, the sun come down
You know when the sun come down the guns come out
Click clack bow bow, bow bow bow bow bow
I used to rob ****as, that's probably why they try to rob my style
And karma is a mother****ing biatch
You got your homie in jail, you sniatch
All in the court telling the judge who it is
Like a bitch when you get to the pen, ****as on your wick
****as be lurking, bitches be slurping
****as got caught up on them Nextel’s chirpin
It's a must in the county, I ain't have no pagers
My bitch wouldn't come see me, I was in there masturbating
Smoking on a bigarette, eating a bowl of bereal
****as on the block selling O's like Cheerios

Ey ****a, ****a, ****a, I got a whole zone right now
Like right now right now
Like what you trying to do right now?


Meanwhile at a home invasion near you
These ****as was robbing your shit

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