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Lyrics to Tables Will Turn by Foxy Brown

[Intro: Foxy Brown (Baby Cham)]

Ugh, Ehh, Uh!
(What, WHAT!) (What's bumpin', Baby Cham, Fox Brown) Uh!
Fox Brown, Baby Cham
Ugh, Kingston, Brooklyn, WHAT! Dave Kelly, Can't stop this, We did it again
What?! What?! Uh!

[Foxy Brown]
How many times I gotta let yall bitches know I'm,
Why, so many bitches wanna take my flow I'm,
Too hot, Too dope, Flow like that pink Cris and Momosa
Who the **** dope-ah? (Ehh!)
****as wanna run up in my spots and,
Every ****a wanna pull off on my frock and,
Me and Cham do that Yard-Hip Hop and,
Y'all can't **** with us, We keep ****as boppin' (Let 'em know now)

[Baby Cham]
Tell 'em ah who bwoy we are dey friend
Love to sit in Charlie's in the Benz's or BM's
Our life, Ya livin' right
Get them benjamins, aight? Let them know I'm only in it for them (Holla at us now)
I let dem' know already and I'm tellin' dem' again
We on another level, Fox Brown ah set the trend (We on another level)
Head's boppin' and, Collars poppin' and, Prada rockin' to the end (Can ya feel me?)
Breaker, Breaker
Party under take-ah, ****as wan' be dyyyy-in', And I am no fake-ah
Send 'dem ****as cryyyy-in' back to Jamaica
Mudda****as tryyyy-in' to be a shake-ah
Ya didn't know they shouldn't mess wit' people from Jamaica
Baby Cham and Foxy Brown, now we take the cake-ah
Drop a bomb on them, Now it's like a earthquake-ah
See, that Fox is movin' like a snake-ah (You heard me?)

Ah whatta day when the tables will turn
whatta day when the tables will turn,
Ah whatta day when the tables will turn
whatta day when the tables will turn, (Wey eh)

whatta day when the tables will turn
whatta day when the tables will turn, (Yo)
whatta day when the tables will turn
whatta, day when the tables will turn,

[Foxy Brown]
Throw ya hands up, Whyle the **** out
Raw little peachy, Bust the screechy (Eh!)
Sippi tah, Uh, Sippi tah, Uh, Sippi tah, Uh, Sippi tah, HY-YAH!
Grab a cup ah stouse and, Show 'em watch yall 'bout
Yall can't deny us, We dare yall to try us
The best to ever do it, So throw ya hands to it
And hit the dancefloor, What the **** yall came for?
Hot shit, Ill Na Na, MadHouse, Lock this shit down
****a what, We don't get a fluck
Big **** like Sopranos, Young Fox ride big cock my ****a
Ah pum-pum lick man dat, Ehh

[repeat hook then Baby Chams verse until fade]

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Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown
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