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Lyrics to Jack Beat by Brianna Perry

[Freestyle over Jay Z's "****WithMeYouKnowIGotIt"]

[Intro: Pimp C]
"A little over a year ago I was in bondage, and now I'm back out here reaping the blessings and getting the benefits that go along with it, everything that's out here for kings like us. The reason why we like this, this jewelry and this diamonds and stuff, they don't understand is, because we really from Africa, and that's where all this stuff come from. And we originated from kings, you know what I'm saying? So don't look down on the youngsters because they wanna have shiny things. It's in our genes, know what I'm saying? We just don't all know our history, so—"

[Hook: Rick Ross]
**** with me, you know I got it
**** with me, you know I got it
Sexy bitch I hope she 'bout it
Come **** with me, you know I got it


[Brianna Perry]
**** with Bri you know I got it
**** with her you know she 'bout it

[Freestyle over Rich Homie Quan's "Type Of Way"]

(I drop the top of my whip baby!)
That car I'm driving make you feel some type of way
That custom Breitling make you feel some type of way
This bitch I'm with got me feeln' some type a way
Is it because my homies rich you feel some type of way?
Some type of way, make you feel some type of way
Heard she wana **** me, know you feel some type of way
Mr. CEO is what my title say
Me and my homies did your ho, he feel some type of way

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Brianna Perry
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