Music Video: Future - Long Live The Pimp Explicit ft. Trae Tha Truth

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Lyrics to Long Live The Pimp by Future ft. Trae Tha Truth

[Hook: Future]
Drinkin’ on Texas, parkin’ lot flexin'
Bumpin’ UGK, mother****a
Ridin' dirty with the K, mother****a
On the grind in the K, mother****a
Drinkin’ on Texas, parkin’ lot flexin'
Bumpin’ UGK, mother****a
Eatin on shrimps, mother****a
Long live the pimp, mother****a

[Verse 1: Future]
Sippin’ on Port Arthur, hangin’ with the robbers
Bad yellow bitch and her **** taste like water
Cash red Cadillac, deuce and a quarter
Reppin uncle pimp, and my uncle Bun
****as can’t touch me like I’m Jay Prince son
Water drippin’ on me, shinin’ like a star
Grippin’ on the wheel, Johnny Dang got me chilled
Texas in my Sprite when I’m poppin’ seal
Drinkin’ on mud, rockin’ with the thugs
Long live Chad, the dirty south love ya
I’ve come to get tippy, smokin’, reminiscin’
Underground king, you a legend in my memory


[Verse 2: Trae]
Tippin’ on glass slippaz, pain on and deep as ****
UFC in my trunk, bet this gon' beat you up
Everything movin’ slow, still ain’t no keepin’ up
Gator replace the seats, get your ass eaten up
Chopper behind the seat, truth still undisputed
Verse ain’t the tryna trill, I won’t talk with it because Suzanne
Hang in on the diamonds, flex it
Swinging over my complexes
Stuntin’ on it like a bird
Make seven on it, whip the wrist
Nothing on it, don’t fetch attention
Get your bitches, cold efficient
Gonna kill it on competitions
Sideline ‘em, on suspension
Young Bill, turned to stone
Lil’ Jim, Sweet James Jones
Bumpin' UGK and get your stomach full of stones


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