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Lyrics to I Remember by The Game ft. Young Jeezy & Future

[Hook: Future]
It's been a long damn time since a ****a sold dope
But if you put a brick right in front of me, I remember
Baking soda and a Triple Beam, I remember
Loaded fully auto-magazine, I remember

[Bridge: Future]
I done ****ed so many bitches that I can't remember names, but if you
Put that **** right up in my face, I remember, the way she put it down
On the flo', I remember, the way she bring it down on the pole, I remember

[Verse 1: Game]
Pop the **** don't play with it, I don't care if Kanye hit it
I don't care if Jay hit it, I'mma eat it up and I'mma lay wit' it
We shot a choppa' at the gun range, got stupid cars, got dumb change
Red bottoms, let the tongue hang, got a off-white Porsche, cum stain
I'm whippin' work (I remember), Roll up that Purp' (I remember)
Po' up that surp, (I don't remember) How Tunechi had that purple slushie
Comin' out that blender
Got a Keisha, got a Ronda, got a Neisha, got a Tanya, got a Teisha
And had a Honda, and I eat her Anaconda
Got condomds in that condo, got kush greener than Rondo
Still hit me up for that blow, You already know



[Verse 2: Tyga]
Got a Rolls Royce, got a black Benz, Got a bad bitch, with some bad friends
She bring em' through and I **** them, but I don't **** with them in public
Got random bitches just walkin' up, they be like "Do you remember us?"
She show me that tat, on her ass, and I be like "I remember"
Chop it up, like a blender, I **** then I befriend her
Got a red bitch call her Ginger, Ass and Cash on my agenda
You buy the bitch, we rent her, she took the cash and I sent her
That **** prolly' so tight, callin that shit 'Illegal Tender'
(Hol' up, Hol' up, Hol' up, Hol' up), That's a young ****a dinner
Fish eyes to a ****in' Lion, that's Visene, ****a never cry
We the young ****as wild'n out, talkin' shit to ****as that's 35
Yo daughter pull in my driveway, I smash that in overdrive



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The Game
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