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Lyrics to Errbody Wave by Juicy J

[Hook: Juicy J]
Turn a ****a house to a cemetery
Leave'em dead in the dirt, now his ass buried
While he in his front yard that's gone be his grave
Say goodbye to the hater errbody wave
Now errbody wave, errbody wave
Say goodbye to the hater errbody wave
Errbody wave, errbody wave
Say goodbye to the hater errbody wave

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
I won't let a ****a play with me, like a stingy ****a
Leave your body full of dirt, you dingy ****a
Kill a ****a right there in his front yard
Body parts all over like a junk yard
Bread on his head, all I do is say when
My guys see you in the club, beat your brains in
Hope that boy got his jewelry on, they takin'
And they reaching in your pockets for them Franklins
Got so many straps, I could be a gun broker
Cuttin' snakes in the grass like a lawnmower
Hundred round drums turn his body into a puzzle
Put that gun to your face, dog, like a muzzle


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
The ones that's hatin' the ones who broke, who ain't got no hustle
I got the magnums for you pussies, I ain't talking rubbers
So play games if you want, watch me end your credits
Got beef, leave your shirt, bloody red, like spaghetti
Never bought a gun for display, don't play I'mma shoot
AK, SK, turn them to alphabet soup
I keep them slugs, I'm not a coaster so **** your mug
Got ****as out here shootin' shit up, I ain't talking drugs
Bullets wet a dirty ****a, call that making mud
Roll up on 'em, put the flame to 'em, call that smoking bud
Ain't shit changed I still lock 'em in the trunk
.45 cal, leave his ass dead drunk


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Juicy J
Juicy J
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