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Lyrics to Conceited by Soulja Boy Tell'em

I walked in the muh****in club playing GameBoy Color
I'm retro, ****a, everything, ****a
I made swag, I invented juice (juice juice juice!)
I invented SOD

I look so good, I look so pretty (Drake)
I'm conceited (Drake)
I look so good, I look so pretty (Drake)

I look so good, I ain't looked this good since I was 18
Excuse me if I say a couple things that I don't mean
Like I look better than your girlfriend
And we can all have some fun, believe me
And what's up with these old ****as?
Mad cause I make it look so easy...

I look so mutha****in good, I look so mutha****in great
I smoke so mutha****in good, I drink that mutha****in lean


Walk in side the club, make them hoes touch their toes
I look so good, ****a, **** Sandra Rose!
**** all them blogs! Bitch I'm on my job
You keep talking down I bet you get your ass robbed
Soulja Boy Tell Em, bitch, I'm headed to the top
Pretty Boy Swag, man, them hoes on my cock
Step inside the club, everybody just stop
Looked at my ****, damn that shit got hard!
Soulja Boy Tell Em: god damn I came hard
I put my city on and I put that shit on God
24/7, bitch, you know I'm in the streets
I look so pretty, bitch, I'm killing all these beats (Drake)

**** Sandra Rose ****a! I don't give a ****


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Soulja Boy Tell'em
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