Music Video: French Montana - Choppa Choppa Down (Remix) ft. Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa

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Lyrics to Choppa Choppa Down (Remix) by French Montana ft. Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa

Bounce (Yeah)
Choppa choppa down
I lay a ****a down
Choppa choppa break it down
I lay a ****a down

[Rick Ross]

[French Montana]
Shots be flying. ****as die: don't make a sound
Cold .44, in slow mo' when your body hit the ground
****a look around: got shoes got guns got bitches got white
Mother****er we run the town! When them shots be flying
****as diving, dying, running trying to hit the ground
Security need security when them shots be flying around
Cocaine use: not stopping that
We ? ask Project Pat
I Got trees, ****a, fine with that
Chasing that money never stopping that
Lay a ****a down if a ****a try to stop
Low to the ground in a roof no top
King of the street I ain't never go stop
****as ask around: "when the shit gonna drop?"
****a so hot, jewels so cold
Still let a choppa choppa down

[Wiz Khalifa]
(Laughing) smoking while im raping ....yea (laughing) means im higher than you
Rep this gang bitch, I'mma roll this plane bitch
You talking anguish but money: that's my language
New car, new ho, even got a new main bitch
Can't call, new phone, but I'm still on that same shit
Bossing cause I came into this game when I was boss
Umm and I'm eating good so I just gotta floss
And and and I spent your advance just on my Audemars
I'm here today then I'm gone tomorrow
Can't find a pound cause I buy em and break em down

Choppa choppa down
I lay a ****a down
Choppa choppa brek it down
I lay a ****a down

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